Thailand Coast

Posted: 12 November 2010 in beach, Beach Waters, watercolour painting
Painting in watercolour

This is probably the most unfriendly painting I’ve ever made.
The blotches are deliberate, because I was in that state of mind,
confused and bewildered and this is how it came out.

This one was meant to reflect a state of mind.

Be the candle at the doorstep of your home, that spreads light inside your home and into the world outside.
ऐसा दिया बनिएगा जो घर की देहलीज़ पर रखा जाता है. इससे घर के अन्दर भी और घर के बहार की दुनिया में भी आपकी रौशनी फैलेगी

Ocean Lullaby
Painting in Watercolour
by Punam J R


Posted: 4 August 2010 in painting, trees, watercolour painting
Painting in Watercolour